My name is Pétur Ásgeirsson. My team and I help people around the world discover happiness.


We are proud to be an environmentally friendly company. All our products are printed in Swan-certified printing factories – ensuring we help contribute to a sustainable future. 

We only use electric cars in daily operations and we are in Iceland where we use green energy.

Using augmented reality technology our greeting cards come to life. Whether it’s 3D animals, dinosaurs, colorful characters, stunning buildings or any of our varied designs – our aim is to bring a smile to children’s faces. 

We enjoy a good working partnership with our printers and they continually meet our requirements regarding speed of service and quality of print. We always hold a good stock of products so that we can serve our customers quickly and efficiently.

Our cards are fun and some include an educational element. Regular 2D greeting cards have had their day. AR PopUp cards are the new generation. Our 3D cards allow the receiver to interact with them in several exciting ways. For example, our Christmas cards and some birthday cards include an audiobook, while all our birthday cards play the recipient a special song sung by the person featured on the card. And our popular range of dinosaur cards includes interesting facts about their time on earth. 

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