AR Products ehf. considers it necessary to protect the earth. The goal is for each generation to return the earth and its resources to a better future.

AR Products ehf. wants to promote sustainable growth as much as possible and emphasizes the revegetation of the country, taking into account the employment activities of the country and the diversity of its nature.

AR Products ehf. is in favor of reducing waste generation by increasing the reuse and recycling of waste and reducing the use of packaging.

Environmental policy

  • Environmental management is one of the priorities of AR Products ehf. and the company’s practices and operations must be adapted to a responsible attitude towards environmental protection.
  • Environmental policy and management must be constantly monitored in the light of new laws and regulations, industry practices, technological developments, consumer needs and public expectations.
  • The company takes the initiative to improve working methods that lead to better environmental protection.
  • The company will train and encourage employees to perform their jobs with full regard for environmental protection.
  • The company will take into account environmental factors, e.g. energy consumption and the negative impact on the environment from the company’s operations is kept to a minimum, e.g. with proper waste disposal.
  • The company will regularly re-evaluate the results in environmental protection.

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