AR Products ehf. Is a product development company. Which develops and manufactures good, competitive, technological products.

It is the policy of AR Products ehf. to be a leading company in Iceland in its field in terms of profitability, customer service, product quality, environmental protection and a good image, where special emphasis is placed on support for environmental and humanitarian issues as well as sustainability.


  • To develop and maintain a transparent management system to manage the company’s quality issues.
  • To comply with the laws and regulations of the authorities.
  • To meet all the wishes of our customers..
  • To have qualified staff who are given opportunities to grow their career and the tech area.
  • To provide a good working environment, satisfaction and well-being at work.
  • To carbon balance.
  • To promote sustainability and environmental awareness.

The CEO of AR PRODUCTS EHF. is responsible for ensuring that all employees of the company know and understand the quality policy and have it as a guiding principle in their work.

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